Reasons to Consider Getting Both Ultherapy and Profhilo

For individuals who want to see the most obvious results possible in the shortest amount of time, combination skin treatments can be extremely effective.

This skin treatment combines a collagen-stimulating injectable (Profhilo) with cutting-edge ultrasound technology (Ultherapy):

The most popular non-surgical ultrasound procedure, Ultherapy treatment, firms, tightens and lifts the skin in less than an hour with little to no downtime.

On the other hand, the newest injectable treatment, Profhilo, was created expressly to combat ageing by promoting the production of collagen and elastin to simultaneously tighten and smooth the skin.

Combining Ultherapy with Profhilo

Ultherapy and Profhilo together might produce uplifting and revitalising effects. Here’s how it’s possible:

Ultherapy Lifting and Tightening

Ultherapy has the ability to lift and tighten the skin. Ultherapy is a non-invasive procedure approved by the US Food and Drug Administration. It penetrates your skin’s deeper layers, where collagen is produced.

Focused ultrasound technology produces a heating effect in the deep skin layers to promote the creation of new collagen and elastin. These essential skin proteins provide the skin with its structure and support back, giving it a smooth and taut appearance.

The face is first divided into treatment zones, and then a calming, lubricating gel is applied to each one.

The targeted muscles and deeper skin layers are then targeted with ultrasound after scanning the face. This encourages the formation of new stores while remodelling existing collagen and elastin stores.

There is no downtime associated with ultherapy, so you can resume your daily activities right away following the procedure. No limitations following treatment. It is typical to have some soreness and numbness for a few days. But this swiftly goes away to show skin that has been raised and improved.

Enhancing Skin with Profhilo

The second treatment uses Profhilo, a ground-breaking skin-remodelling and augmentation piece of technology.

When injected into certain regions, this cutting-edge procedure uses hyaluronic acid in a high concentration to improve the suppleness and smoothness of the skin. By regenerating and activating the collagen reserves, it helps the skin regain structure. However, it also stands out for its incredibly moisturising qualities, which give the skin a radiant youth.

Aside from facial areas, Profhilo can also be used in the following areas:

  • Neck
  • D├ęcolletage
  • Arms
  • Knees
  • Backs of Hands

Although you may experience some minor bumps and localised redness at the injection sites for 24 to 48 hours after treatment, most people can resume their typical activities in 24 hours. Mild bruising can very seldom happen and may take a few days to manifest.

For the best benefits after these initial treatments, we advise scheduling a refresher consultation every 6 to 12 months.

When two doses are administered one month apart, profhilo lasts for around six months.

Profhilo and Ultherapy complement one another since they target various structures beneath the skin where ageing occurs.

This gives patients the chance to address the skin’s current signs of ageing as well as provide the skin with a long-lasting boost. For months following the procedure, both treatments keep the skin stimulated and energised.