How important is emotional intelligence in recruiting IT talent?

With the accelerated development of technology, human connections are becoming more and more important. This plays a very important role, especially in recruitment processes. Emotional intelligence is now a sought-after and valued quality, both among recruiters and employees. By identifying candidates with high emotional intelligence, the chances of building a strong, united and productive team increase.

All the changes in the business environment and the complexity of organizational responsibilities need new emotional demands. In other words, healthy management of emotions in certain extreme situations is pursued. Therefore, these emotions are considered important resources for innovation, as they are a key factor for interactions in organizations.

What Role Does Emotional Intelligence Play in The Recruitment Process Today?

One of the areas of activity that has grown in recent years is the IT field. Currently, in this market, there is a very high demand for specialists. In order to hire candidates to work, it is necessary for recruiters to follow some key features. Thus, AMS Accelerate IT offers IT recruitment services that provide talented candidates, suitable to be part of a strong and successful team in any company.

Every candidate should have a healthy self-awareness. This is the only way he can understand his strengths and weaknesses. Given the presence of this trait, the chances of that person assimilating criticism constructively increase considerably. Also, a potential employee must be able to control his unpleasant feelings in order to be productive at work. Regardless of the nature of the situation, he should adapt calmly without reacting impulsively.

Another important aspect is empathy, which involves understanding and respecting the feelings of others. Showing empathy at work contributes to the formation of strong bonds between colleagues and inevitably, the strengthening of the team. Emotional intelligence is also represented by social skills, as they are needed to properly manage the emotional state of others.

Although companies focus on IQ and their professional skills, many of them are also beginning to pay attention to emotional intelligence. Following these aspects, the chosen candidates will certainly contribute to the development of the business, because emotional intelligence is today a premise of performance.