Five Things You Need to Know About the Modern Job Market

The way people look for jobs has changed drastically over the past 10 years. Jobs Search used to involve combing through newspapers and catalogs and visiting local employment agencies, and it’s certainly not what it used to be today. Modern technology has revolutionized the way we search for jobs, which has allowed many people to get hired by amazing companies that they might not have had access to before online applications became popular. Here are five things you need to know about the modern job market so you can take advantage of what’s new.

Is an advanced degree worth it?

If you’re going for a master’s degree or another advanced professional degree, it might be worth your time. For one thing, research shows that people with degrees tend to earn more over their lifetime than those without them. The other advantage is networking. People with more formalized credentials are able to make more connections in their industries, both within and outside of their companies—and having those contacts can come in handy during your job search.

How Job Websites Can Help

Many people use job-searching websites to look for work. There are several ways these sites can help in your job search, including keeping you updated on new jobs and giving you access to a larger number of available jobs than traditional searching might allow. Most importantly, these sites allow you to set up alerts that notify you when certain jobs become available. If you’re looking for a specific position with specific criteria, there’s no faster way than setting up an alert from a website tailored for your needs.

What Makes a Good Resume Today?

When technology is constantly changing, we must keep up with it or get left behind. Using our job search as an example, what was once written on a sheet of paper and delivered via mail today can now be converted into a digital format and transmitted to more people in seconds. It’s true that technological advances have made it easier for employers to find qualified candidates and thus making resumes less important. However, they are still highly valued in any job search strategy you choose.

An Eye-Catching Cover Letter Might Just Get You the Interview

While cover letters are rarely read, they can and should be well-written. If you have something unique or interesting about your background, throw it in there—your goal is to get a hiring manager to like you and call you in for an interview. That doesn’t mean writing a novel; just keep it short and polite, with no typos or grammar errors. And don’t be afraid of bolding certain phrases!

The Importance of Having Professional Branding on Social Media

Social media is a really important place where people looking for employment can find you. Make sure your profile and cover photos are up-to-date and professional and make sure that you’re comfortable with sharing information about yourself publicly. The best way to do all of that? Branding. Hire a company or designer to help create your personal brand or repurpose an existing one so it looks fresh.